Due to health concerns with Covid-19, we are closing the Poultry, Egg & Miscellaneous Auction until further notice.
The Hay and Livestock Auction will continue as planned.  Livestock will be sold straight through with no intermissions.
We will keep our website updated with any new information.


The Lamby Lamby Triplets

Crazy Ol' Goat McGee
Lawn Mower


At this livestock auction, you'll get to see part of the food chain that most of us never check out. This is the place where  farmers bring their cows, sheep, goats, pigs, rabbits, chickens, turkeys, and pigeons to sell, and butchers and wholesalers come to buy. If you're in this area buying locally raised meat, there's a good chance the animal you ate passed through this market.

The auction sells: sheep, lambs, goats, calves, beef cattle pigs, rabbits and all types of Heavy Fowl. In addition to livestock they also auction hay, straw, grain, firewood, and sell eggs all week.

As an independently funded co-operative the auction makes its money by taking a fee from all the livestock that is sold. This amount is based on a percentage of cost the animal was sold for.

Being in the main auction auditorium is not unlike being around the water cooler or lunchroom in any office. Farmers talk shop, discussing what is happening at work, how busy they have been and financial situations. They tell jokes and stories and laugh with each other. It is a fraternity that has endured for generations through suburban property development, mini-malls and grocery stores.

Serving an often overlooked but incredibly important role to get food on our plates, the livestock auction remains a proud part of Hackettstown history and remains the last auction left in New Jersey.


We also auction; hay, straw, grain, firewood. We also sell eggs every week.


Auctions are held every Tuesday with the first sale beginning at 10:30 am and ending at the last sale 5:30 pm


This auction sells; lambs, sheep, goats, calves, beef cattle, pigs, rabbits, and all types of heavy fowl. 

What to Expect

Bessie Curds
Milk Specialist

Donald Downs
Avian Specialist

Ms. Henrietta Feathers
Grain Specialist

about our Auction...


HACKETTSTOWN LIVESTOCK AUCTION provides the best services in auctioning livestock.  We are so happy to be part of their team. Thanks, HACKETTSTOWN LIVESTOCK AUCTION


Mr. Thomas Porkchop
Exotic Pet Surgeon

Mr. Baa Black

Saturday, May 9th - 1:00 PM

Thursday, April 23rd - 7:30 PM

​Warren Grange, Broadway NJ

Livestock Cooperative Auction Market of North Jersey Inc.